Cacao Golde

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By Golde

Golden Bliss Boost.

Cacao GOLDE is a revitalizing blend of turmeric with creamy coconut, ginger, and organic raw cacao.

Turmeric is a powerful adaptogen that promotes balance, glow, and well-being from the inside-out. We recommend enjoying 1-2 servings daily for optimal results.


A golden addition to your coffee, wellness tonics, milks/lattes, and smoothies. 

Our product is naturally free of added sugars, but you may add raw honey or maple syrup to sweeten to taste.

Tips — We recommend adding warm/hot liquid on top of the powder (not vice versa) to prevent clumps. If you're adding GOLDE to a cool liquid, we recommend blending to help combine. 

Contains 30 servings.


organic coconut milk powder, turmeric powder, organic cacao powder, organic ginger powder, organic cinnamon powder, organic cardamom powder, organic black pepper.

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