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Coco Pomelo Skin Polish

Coco Pomelo Skin Polish

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By Detroit Rose

Coco Pomelo Skin Polish is a highly moisturizing and gently exfoliating blend of essential and herbal oils, himaylayn pink sea salt, coconut oil and grapefruit.  Designed to leave your skin soft and hydrated with a lingering scent warm coconut and zingy grapefruit.


Himalayan Pink Sea Salt : beautiful, nourishing salt that exfoliates like a dream

Coconut Oil : Oil of the GODS! Like cracking open a fresh coconut. This untouched oil with leave your skin soft, hydrated and milky smooth. 

Grapeseed Oil : Nourishing, hydrating, for soft supple skin

Pink Clay : Cleansing, toning, the ultimate toxin remover.

Grapefruit Oil : Bright and zingy for clean and citrusy skin. Here to make you feel awake, alive, and bright for your day.


In shower or before bath gently massage a handful of skin polish into wet skin, let sit for a minute or two. Rinse.