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Herbal Teas Gift Set

Herbal Teas Gift Set

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By Daphnis and Chloe

"A gift that you can brew in the teapot or cook in the pot. Thought for the ones who appreciate good food but don’t cook often. A selection of handcrafted herbs meant to help you “think out of the box” about your herbs and spices!

This set contains:

Sweet Peppermint: The leaves of our cool and sweet peppermint are left whole, allowing you to revive the aromas by rubbing them just before use. Infuse in hot water or crumble on top of your orange juice right before serving.

Pennyroyal Mint: Very flowery with subtle notes of menthol, this variety is known only by a small portion of gourmands and is ideal for tea brews. It gives an edgy, fresh sweetness that reminds spearmint. It is amazing for cocktails as well.

Fragrant Fennel Seeds: Our sweet and warm fennel seeds come from a small farm which specializes in the production of this plant. Infuse a teaspoon in boiled water & serve with honey. A great digestive tea, ideal for closing a long meal.

Sage Leaves: More vigorous taste and fragrance than typical sage. Popular as an infusion and as a seasoning, this variety makes a mark even when used in tiny quantities. Folklore herbal guides suggest lemon and honey infused sage as a remedy for common cold."