Mediterranean Essentials Gift Set

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By Daphnis and Chloe

"Containing a selection of our most popular culinary herbs and spices, this set is practical for everyday use in the kitchen, but also pleasing for the eye.

We wanted to give you an alternative that fits the same quantity of product as our pre-existing (and extremely successful) sachets, but is designed around how all of you cook and organize your pantry. A set of jars to refill every time you run out of herbs.

This set contains the 6 most popular herbs (Thyme Flowers, Oregano from Targets, Fennel Seeds, Smoked Chili Flakes, Rosemary, and Bay Leaves) and spices of our selection. It comes with a card full of cooking tips, decorated with the  designs of the french illustrator Lea Maupetit."

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