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Rose Musk Body Oil

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By Detroit Rose


Powdery rose, musk and and warm vanilla. This sensual oil absorbs quickly to leave skin soft, supple and beautifully scented. A blend of herbal and essential oils designed to hydrate and give a healthy, natural glow. 


Amber Essential Oil *: This provocative and luxurious oil intoxicates and provokes the senses. A potent aphrodisiac.

Bergamot Essential Oil * : A sweet citrus and slightly spicy scent. Promotes balanced sense of well being. This oil has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and the nerves that provides relief from anxiety.  

Vanilla Essential Oil : The soft scent of vanilla soothes the body and gently calms both skin and spirit.  

Cedarwood Essential Oil * : This rich wood scent promotes focus and wisdom while acting as an anti-inflammatory, cleansing and soothing agent for skin.  

Rose Petals* : This delicate flower calms the mind, soothes, tones and lightly perfumes the skin.   

Jojoba Oil * : Lessens irritated skin and promotes natural production of collagen. Protects from sun and prevents premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles.  

Camellia Flower Oil * : Rich in skin cell renewing fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. Naturally increases skin's elasticity.  


Skin : 3 to 6 drops into palm, gently massage into cleansed, damp skin  
Bath : 3 to 6 drops into warm water. Use with Rose + Coconut Milk Soak for maximum beauty results